Deryl Dodd

 Coupland, Texas
 November 25th
 Mansfield, Texas
 December 1st
 Fort Worth, Texas  December 8th
 Waxahachie, Texas
 December 16th

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From BEST IN TEXAS MUSIC MAGAZINE August 26th - Katie Keys:

Deryl Dodd knocked 'em dead recently at Buck's Birthday Bash at the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA; a celebration of what would have been Buck Owens' 80th birthday. Deryl's latest single is a cover of the Buck Owens classic "Together Again." Apparently, when the Owens family heard Deryl's amazing cover of  "Together Again", they invited him to be part of this year's Bash. Headlining the show were Lee Ann Womack and Michelle Branch (formerly of The Wreckers).

Deryl performed 4 songs (backed by Buck's legendary Buckeroos) - his big hit on Columbia Records "That's How I Got To Memphis," Merle Haggard's "The Way I Am", "New Tony Lamas" (which brought the house down!!) and what was easily the highlight of the evening, Deryl's soulful rendition of "Together Again."

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Carrie Voorhees
Friday, February 19, 2010 2:15 PM
I can easily understand the crowd going wild anytime Deryl performs, he has a God given gift that compares with the greats of country music. I met Deryl in the early 90's when he first moved to Nashville area & was playing in Mt Juliet, and what a GREAT guy with the most amazing voice as well as awesome songwriting skills. I would love to hear him again, and am so proud of his success. Keep up the good work, Deryl!!! Not only does he have talent, he has alot of HEART, and he has a GOOD HEART, as well. I owned/ran a small used appliance store in Antioch TN, & he used to come by with his guitar and jam with my ex-fiance & younger brother, both guitarists and vocalists. Deryl even sang at my brother-in-law's funeral when he died of cancer at age 36... not many aspiring, talented musicians would've taken the time out of their busy lives to be there for us in our darkest moment, but Deryl did, & we'll never forget him. When I saw his first album in Walmart in 96, I actually cried I was so happy, bought it and ever other album since.... keep the music coming, Deryl, you're the best!!! Sincerely, Carrie (Moss) Voorhees
Lil Mike Williams
# Lil Mike Williams
Monday, January 3, 2011 2:25 PM
I personally met Deryl when he was in Nashville and traveling with Tracy Lawrence, a good college buddy from Arkansas where we grew up. Deryl would perform with TL some but when he wasn't on stage with Tracy, we would hang out together. You can tell that he has a huge heart and super nice. It was easy to want him to be your friend just from his personality and not his musical talent. I went almost 10 years without seeing Deryl and then ran into to him in Texarkana at a honky tonk. He had me sit with his DFW friends and girlfriend's table. I was honored. I was in my steel toed work boots and when he got to playing, I wouldn't get off the dance floor...he has a way to make you want to dance and cut a I don't usually dance very much but did so much that night that my legs were sore the next couple days from dancing in those heavy work boots. Deryl is an awesome person and a very talented musician. Now moved to the DFW area from Arkansas a little over a year ago and get to see him a lot more. I am very proud of you Deryl! Lil Mike
National Tattoo
Friday, April 6, 2012 6:40 AM
Deryl is the best singer I have ever known. And he was amazing on Buck's Birthday Bash at the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield.

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