Deryl Dodd

 Waxahachie, Texas
 December 16th
 Fort Worth, Texas
 December 17th
 Justin, Texas
 December 29th
 Fort Worth, Texas
 December 31st
 Willow Park, Texas
 January 2nd

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Deryl Dodd

There are certain things in life there just ain’t no getting’ ‘round
Heartache, death and taxes just to name a few
So I wrote down a list of guarantees that I have found
To be absotively posilutly true

There ain’t no green lights when you’re in a hurry
You’re gonna be afraid if you always worry
Lightning strikes then comes thunder
You can’t be sure if you have to wonder
Ain’t no dog that don’t get smelly
And you can’t have beer, without the belly

Now these words were not intended to discourage you
But to shed a little light along the way
That we all have the power over our attitude
And here’s a sample of the difference it can make

A red light can save a life if you’re in a hurry
When you’re afraid it’s normal to worry
A good rain comes with lightning and thunder
If you’re not sure it might help to wonder
You can love a dog even those he’s smelly
And ice cold beer, is worth the belly