Deryl Dodd

 Waxahachie, Texas
 October 22nd
 San Antonio, Texas  October 26th
 Irving, Texas  November 4th
 Willow Park, Texas  November 7th
 Waco, Texas  November 10th
 McKinney, Texas  November 17th

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By Tommy Conners and D. Vincent Williams

1st v

There’s thirteen miles of barbwire fences
Two lane blacktop, highline poles
This is where the world commences
At least the only one I know

2nd v

It runs down through the old town square
Where the people come and people go
We know that it must start somewhere
But where it ends nobody knows


‘Cause here the world ain’t round
It’s flat as it can be
It just runs North and South
On FM 2213

3rd v

There’s a farmer on his John Deere tractor
He's caused a 10 mile traffic jam
But, he don't intend to go no faster
‘Cause his taxes paved this road for him


4th v

Well they built a brand new interstate
Where the concrete hums and engines scream
But, all in all ain’t nothin’ changed
On FM 2213