Deryl Dodd

 Dallas, Texas
 March 31st
 Waxahachie, Texas
 April 15th
 Stephenville, Texas
 April 25th
 Stephenville, Texas
 April 27th
 Graham, Texas
 April 28th

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By Deryl Dodd

1st v

Lookin’ back on my life
I'm so amazed
At your never ending love
And your never ending grace
For I'm just a man
Undeserving it's true
So help me understand
What I'm askin’ you


Who am I to be wonderful
Who am I to be powerful
To be blessed beyond this world with all that's beautiful
Who am I to have everything
Who am I to be a child of a King
My Father reminds me in His image I was made
So who am I not to be

2nd v

I humbly bow my head
And thank you again
For showing me once more
How your goodness never ends
For when I am weak
You see me standing tall
And when I question who I am
You are the answer to it all