Deryl Dodd

 Stephenville, Texas
 September 21st
 Stephenville, Texas  September 22nd
 Whitewright, Texas
 September 23rd
 Royse City, Texas  September 29th
 San Angelo, Texas  September 30th

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By Deryl Dodd

1st v

I admit that I have seen my better days
When everything came easy and the world turned my way
But even as my darkest hours are upon me
You surround me with your light and make me believe


I can do this
With love in my life, I can do this
And there's no mountain too high
Pain and loneliness
Melt away like the tears in my eyes
And though my faith may grow dim
I know with the love that you give
I can do this

2nd v

There are things in life that I cannot explain
Why we go through the fire
Why the heart and soul ache
But, I thank Heaven there's an Angel watchin’ over me
And I can lift up my voice
When I'm down on my knees and say