Deryl Dodd

 Willow Park, Texas
 August 26th
 Fort Worth, Texas
 August 27th
 Fort Worth, Texas  September 2nd
 Arlington, Texas
 September 9th
 Bluff Dale, Texas
 September 15th

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A product of Lancaster, Texas, Andrew Raley picked up his first set of drumsticks at the age of 12.  He began his professional drum career with his first paid gig in 1985 at the young age of 15. After playing with several local bands around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Andrew went on the road for a time only to return as a permanent member of the Dusk til Dawn Band in 1998, a frequent opener for Deryl Dodd. Soon after Dusk til Dawn disbanded, Andrew signed on with Deryl in September 2006.  Andrew credits his joys in life to God, his family and his love for music.